Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Aunt Maggie's House
Aunt Maggie was everybody’s aunt, and no one's. Everyone knew her, but not many knew much about her except that she had lived alone in that old house on the corner for decades. As years passed, she was seen at the grocery less and less and her old porch rocker only moved when wind off the bay came in strong enough to move it.
One day an old man with a cane and worn shoes came to knock at her door. He seemed to have a gimpy leg that made him hunch forwar...d over his cane with every step. When no one came, he raised his hand over his brow and leaned into the screen door to see if he could see anything.
“Margaret, are you there?”
There was no answer, but a slip of paper inside the screen taped to the door knob caught his eye.
The note was dated six weeks before and said,
“I have sung and I have danced,
I have loved and I have laughed,
I have been as happy as any might wish to be.
But the days have grown long,
the light has lost its warmth,
and the flowers are dying,
There is no reason to stay."
The old man took a long deep breath and, slowly exhaling, whispered her name once more. He stuffed the note in his pocket and limped away.

Aunt Maggie's House
Apalachicola Florida
2013-11-02 (82)

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