About the Photographer
Emilio “Sonny” Vergara is a Tampa, Florida, native. 
In 1948 at the age of five his family moved to Brooksville, Florida, a small town 45 miles north of Tampa.  In 1964, after high school and before he could complete University he received notice to report to Jacksonville for an Army draft physical.
Instead of entering the Army, he joined the USMC which taught him to fly, promoted him to 2nd Lt., and sent him to Vietnam as a chopper pilot for 13 months.  After 5 years in the Corps, he joined the USMC Reserve and completed a bachelors degree from California State University at Fullerton.
Returning to Brooksville, he went to work for a water management district and for the next 35 years was immersed in managing and protecting Florida’s sensitive and unique water and natural resources.
Now retired and living in Spring Lake, Florida, he takes photographs of any scene with a unique combination of light, color and form that will stir the heart and mind.
His subjects range from birds to landscapes and architecture.  His photographs are presented as first generation giclée prints on stretched canvas.  He builds his own frames from solid pecky cypress wood which offer a uniquely Florida rustic look.   




  1. Just gorgeous!!

  2. I totally enjoyed looking through your featured photos on this website, it stirred up some nostalgia, especially the "Rusted Beauties" and the "Landscapes". I love them. Great work and Good Eye My Friend!
    Tammy Schuck - Port Richey

  3. Great works of art Sonny! I just love it. You have a wonderful eye and talent. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Sonny,

    And how many know the origin of the name "SKYSHADOW".

    Semper Fi,
    Donald A. "Doc" Blanchard