Human Beings

The Photographer
CR 471
2018-12-18 (97) 0736

Suwannee Florida
2018-02-17-7c (40)-3

Suwannee Florida
2018-02-17-7c (43)-3

Suwannee Florida
2018-02-17-8c (29)-3

2017-12-25 (20)

The Dade Raid
Webster, Florida
2015-01-04 (159)

Brooksville Raid
Brooksville, Florida
2011-01-16 0503

"Mother's knee II"
Dade Raid
Bushnell, Florida
2015-01-04 (270-2)

Dade Raid
Bushnell, Florida
2015-01-04 (244-2)

Dade Raid, Bushnell, Florida
2015-01-04  (248)

"Mother's knee"
Dade Raid, Bushnell, Florida
2015-01-04 (270)

Native American Festival
Brooksville, Florida
2015-02-07 82 (32)

Brooksville Raid
Sand Hill Boy Scout Reservation
Brooksville, Florida
2015-01-18 (231-2)
She knew I was interested in getting her picture but avoided me the opportunity. After a minute or so of me awkwardly lurking about, she turned and looked straight into the camera with no expression. I took several frames and, not wanting to be any more of a bother than I had been for her, I lowered the camera and gave her a thumbs up. I was rewarded with a lovely little smile and a nod. No, I did not get a shot of the smile, and, no, I didn't get her name. I was afraid to ask. It might have rendered her mere human.

William on Ahab
Spring Lake Cowboy
2014-07-24 (41)

Brooksville Raid

"One rail, side pocket ..."
Savannah, Georgia

Spring Lake, Florida

Bo Swindle

"Headed in"
Johnny Roush
Chassahowitzka River, Florida
2013-01-26 (81)

"Dead Eyes"
Boy Soldier
Brooksville Raid, Florida
2011-01-16 (185)

"Big sister, little sister"
Brooksville Raid, Florida
2011-01-16 (41)


  1. Hey, Sonny. Great picture of Johnny! I would like to buy a copy of that framed to present to him at our local fishing tournament in late March. Brent